GI Joburg Episode 129: Duke VS Flint!

• October 11th, 2018

We've got long-time listener and pal Dave Cabal on this episode! The topic? Dave's of the opinion that it's Flint calling the shots on the GI Joe team, NOT DUKE! WHAAAAAT?!? But hear the man out, he may have some arguements that surprise us all.


We discuss fanatasy film castings for everyone's favourite black beret-wearing baddass and climb into a nostalgia topic that asks: if we could go back in time and re-live our childhood with our Joe toys would we do anything differently? 

Be sure to check out Twitter and Facebook for the ULTIMATE DUKE VERSUS FLINT POLL!


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GI Joburg Episode 128: Definitive Snake Eyes

• September 28th, 2018

Two years ago we added a recurring segment to the show entitled "Definitive Sculpt". In it, we hoped to determine for ourselves which versions of which character are our "go-to's". We got the ball rolling with Storm Shadow and since then we've had our fair share of amicable agreements and devastating disagreements. It's now time to take on GI Joe's most enduring icon, the (mostly) black-clad, (almost always) silent, ninja/commando (or is that commando/ninja?!) - SNAKE EYES.


We also pit the FANG up against the Swampfire up against the Locust in an all-out chopper duel YOU determine the outcome of on our Twitter or Facebook polls. 


And we close out with a discussion of our earliest GI Joe memory. 


It's a bumper episode so pull some toys down from the shelf and enjoy!

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GI Joburg Episode 127: Long Beach Comic Con Filecards

• September 14th, 2018

Cujo presents some choice interviews from the 10th Long Beach Comic Con, held on September 8th and 9th, 2018. Insight on topics ranging from Golobulus to Hama... Get in the trenches with our on-the-scene corresponent and get some fresh angles on GI Joe!


Soundscape credits:

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GI Joburg Episode 126: The Greatest GI Joe Lego!

• September 13th, 2018

On our JoeCon Journey we encountered many Joe Friends for the first time, one of whom was Magnus, an extraordinary Lego builder who builds pretty much exclusively GI Joe! It's the most epic merging of these great toys we've ever seen! But why take my word for it? See for yourself!


or check out our bonus video of seeing his creations in person for the first time!



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GI Joburg Episode 125: Surprise Tanks!

• August 30th, 2018

Steve got a Mauler at JoeCon. And would you believe ONLY NOW, a full two months after the event, is it in his hands?! In honour of Joe tanks, the boys are pitting their favourites against Steve's Mauler in a battle that YOU decide the outcome of! Polls will be held on the GI Joburg Twitter page and Facebook group for the next five days, so listen to the podcast and get voting! 


Also in this episode, we pay tribute to the late Russ Heath. Joe fans everywhere are indebted to this man. 

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GI Joburg Episode 124: The Toys of Joe Con 2018

• August 7th, 2018

It's been a month since our epic USA adventure and we've had ample time to reflect on the time that was. So we're unpacking some of our experiences and of course all of the awesome toys we've acquired. What toys may have surprised us... and what toys may have disappointed us...

And it wouldn't be an episode of GI Joburg without some debate! So we pit the Raider against the HAVOC and the Battle Wagon against the Earthquake as we ask the eternal playground question: who would win in a fight!?

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GI Joburg Episode 123: FSS Card Art Battle Part 1

• July 20th, 2018

We asked for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter as to what collectors thought were the best figure card artwork from the first four FSS series'. Now we pit the best of the best in a battle to the top of the pile! Massive thanks to Chris McLeod of The Full Force Podcast for not only guesting on the show, but putting together this gorgeous video presentation for all our benefit! If you get the chance, experience them at:


Yo Force!


Full Joburg!

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GI Joburg Episode 122: JoeCon Filcards

• July 15th, 2018

Cujo presents his ambush-style JoeCon 2018 interviews. Who did he corner? What secrets did he elicit? Have a listen and (almost) all will be revealed...


Music Featured:


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GI Joburg Episode 121: Post JoeCon

• June 27th, 2018

After an incredible weekend at JoeCon 2018 and a day of sightseeing in Washington, the guys unwind and reflect on the time that was. No frills, just four guys talking about the experience. Oh, and also historical: it's the first podcast the members of GI Joburg have ever reorded from the same location. WHAAAAAT?!

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GI Joburg Episode 120: Pre JoeCon

• June 17th, 2018

HERE WE GO! Final podcast before Steve, Paul and Rob board a plane to the 2018 G.I. Joe Convention! It's nothing short of a dream. We chat about our Convention expectations, dreams, aspirations. The itinerary is discussed and as a special treat, we've got customiser extraordinaire Jim Godfrey on the show to talk about a very special custom he's been working on... If you're headed to the Con and want to get into the mood; or if you're not going to the Con and you want a slice of the action, GI Joburg is there! 







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