GI Joburg Episode 123: FSS Card Art Battle Part 1

• July 20th, 2018

We asked for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter as to what collectors thought were the best figure card artwork from the first four FSS series'. Now we pit the best of the best in a battle to the top of the pile! Massive thanks to Chris McLeod of The Full Force Podcast for not only guesting on the show, but putting together this gorgeous video presentation for all our benefit! If you get the chance, experience them at:


Yo Force!


Full Joburg!


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GI Joburg Episode 122: JoeCon Filcards

• July 15th, 2018

Cujo presents his ambush-style JoeCon 2018 interviews. Who did he corner? What secrets did he elicit? Have a listen and (almost) all will be revealed...


Music Featured:


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GI Joburg Episode 121: Post JoeCon

• June 27th, 2018

After an incredible weekend at JoeCon 2018 and a day of sightseeing in Washington, the guys unwind and reflect on the time that was. No frills, just four guys talking about the experience. Oh, and also historical: it's the first podcast the members of GI Joburg have ever reorded from the same location. WHAAAAAT?!

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GI Joburg Episode 120: Pre JoeCon

• June 17th, 2018

HERE WE GO! Final podcast before Steve, Paul and Rob board a plane to the 2018 G.I. Joe Convention! It's nothing short of a dream. We chat about our Convention expectations, dreams, aspirations. The itinerary is discussed and as a special treat, we've got customiser extraordinaire Jim Godfrey on the show to talk about a very special custom he's been working on... If you're headed to the Con and want to get into the mood; or if you're not going to the Con and you want a slice of the action, GI Joburg is there! 







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GI Joburg Episode 119: Definitive Law

• June 5th, 2018

The boys keep it breezy on this one with a bit of community news, some non-news about Solo, what toys the boys hope to grab at JoeCon, and a definitive section devoted to LAW! Join us for a spot of light fun! And if you haven't heard it already, catch Steve as he guests on Joe On Joe Podcast!


Our official GI Joburg T-shirts are currently being printed! If you want an exclusive T or two and help the boys with their JoeCon journey, please consider heading down to our Go Fund Me before the campaign is deadder than disco! But seriously, don't miss out on the cool incentives because this is the only time they will be offered!



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GI Joburg Episode 118: Vehicle Seating Assignments

• May 22nd, 2018

Ever since we owned our first vehicle an eternal question has plagued us: who sits where? How do you decide? Cartoon or comic book appearances? Filecard info? Personal preference? Colour scheme?!?

The Joburg boys are joined by JD Onesi of General Geekery Podcast, one of the most well-versed GI Joe geeks out there, to decide on the best personel for some of their favourite vehicles. We also start getting hyped about JoeCon and the recent release of our final Atlantis Factor episode. And if you donate $5 or more to our Go Fund Me before the end of Sunday the 27th of May 2018, you get to decide who features in our next web series!

General Geekery Podcast:

GI Joburg GoFundMe:


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GI Joburg Episode 117: Movie Pitching with Joe On Joe

• May 16th, 2018

Tonight on Joe On Joe... er, GI JOBURG, we chat with Joe Slepski of the Joe On Joe Podcast! Everything from Avengers Infinity War to the announcement of the Snake Eyes solo movie come under the spotlight. And the team manage to settle on at least one ideal pitch for a GI Joe comic or film. We can dream, right? 


Joe has a fantastic podcast that if you don't already subscribe to, you really should!


And JoeCon looms! We're getting close to our goal... and the cuttoff! Will we make it?! If you have a few bucks to spare please consider our JoeFundMe! Thanks gang.





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GI Joburg Episode 116: Hall of Shame

• May 8th, 2018

Dual topic on this show! GI Joburg discuss their personal fave picks of the unexpected FSS 8.0. And then we introduce the GI Joburg HALL OF SHAME! Not every toy released under the Joe banner was a winner and in this episode the boys introduce their LEAST favourite figures, vehicles, and concepts from their beloved toyline. Rob and Steve have been hitting the bottle and Paul's head is always swimming in paint fumes so prep thyself for...  shenanigans.  


And hey! As always, if you have a few bucks lying spare, we're drawing closer to our goal and you can be a part of this awesome JoeCon success story! Aaaand score some exclusive Joburg merch. Check us out at:



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GI Joburg Episode 115: The Silent Castle

• April 29th, 2018

Steve is in Romania of all places! It's the home of Dracula and and some of the creepiest castles around! So what better opportunity to talk about GI Joe's very own Silent Castle and it's role in the mythology? Take a trip with us as we engage in some operations deep inside Eastern Europe...


And it's getting down to the wire for our JoeCon 2018 GoFundMe! Will the South Africans make it to their first JoeCon in June this year? If you like what we do and you're in a position to help out, please check our campaign over at


Thanks gang, and Yo Joe!



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GI Joburg Episode 114: Modern Era Must-Haves

• April 11th, 2018

We did it for the Vintage 1982-1994 A Real American Hero toyline, it's only natural we follow it up with a "Modern Era" one... Presenting the "No-Ring" Buyer's Guide! The members of GI Joburg have each compiled their top 10 must-have Joes, top 10 must-have Cobras, and top 5 modern vehicles from each team produced post 25th Anniversary! If you're looking to start collecting the modern figures - this podcast will get you off to the right start! And if you are already in possession of a fabulous amount of Modern Era Joes, compile a list of your own and compare tastes with Steve, Paul, Rob and Cujo! What FUNNNNN!


And if you're in a position to help GI Joburg get to JoeCon 2018, here's our JoeFundMe link:

Yo Joe (Burg), everybody!

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