Episode 183: COVID, XMAS, and the Future of GI Joburg

• December 15th, 2020

Paul and Steve join forces on some channel updates and reflections on the year that was...

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Episode 182: Steel Brigade

• November 11th, 2020

Get your character sheet ready, its time to become elite agents of the GI Joe Steel Brigade!


If you would like to have your own authentically styled reproduction Steel Brigade custom filecard, head over to Project: Steel Brigade and pick out your weapons and martial arts proficiencies! We did it, and would highly recommend!

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Episode 181: Operation Blackout

• October 20th, 2020

GI Joburg offers its views on the latest GI Joe videogame offering by GameMill. Worth picking up? Hear some very frank opinions from a bunch of guys who like to play with toys, both analog and digital.


Plus there's still time to back the (already funded) Welcome To Cobra Island vinyl and possibly get some new and exciting surprise perks! You know Wordburglar is good for it! Head to Bandcamp and get in on the action!


Lastly, YoJoe.com is still in danger. Your signature on the Change.org petition can ensure that this cornerstone of our digital Joe resources continues to thrive. Click here to sign up.

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Episode 180: NEON with Dragon Fortress

• October 5th, 2020

In these dark times, let's brighten things up with a discussion of NEON in GI Joe. And who best to guide us into the blinding light than Dustin from The Dragon Fortress! Check out this man's excellent work here!


And if you're on the hunt for the best Joe blogs out there, pay some respects to Mike T's Forgotten Figures here...

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Episode 179:Classified Zartan and Friends

• September 27th, 2020

Jeepers. How good is the forthcoming 6" Classified Zartan? Paul and Steve sink their fangs into the new announcements including the Viper, Firefly, and retro Scarlett, Roadblock, Destro and the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter!

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Episode 178: JoeFest 2020 with Bart Simon

• September 15th, 2020

Thanks to our man Bart Simon, we get a first-hand account of what is quickly becoming the MUST SEE event of the GI Joe calendar, JOEFEST! Not even a virulent strain of the Coronavirus can stop it! We hit all the highs: Action Force, Marauder Inc, SGT SLAUGHTER... TOYS TOYS and more TOYS! 


If FOE members want to track down Cujo: cujo86@gmail.com

To get in on the Action Force product, head here.

And to check out the latest from Wordburglar, check this out!

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Episode 177: Element X

• August 17th, 2020

COBRAAAAAA! GI Joburg is joined by guest Andrew Creech to discuss our Cobra Convergence collaborative video, ELEMENT X


And of course, we sink our fangs into the most recent Classified Series releases. Do you rock a balaclava or a beret? Why not both AT THE SAME TIME!

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Bonus Feature! Flags and Corps Tattoos and Real American Heroes

• August 5th, 2020

Special bonus discussion featuring toy heavyweights Strydent and Full Force! Cujo peels back the layers of importance associated with national flags and what it means to collect GI Joe in an age where national pride can sometimes be a dirty term. 


We're calling it: "The State of the Joe Address". 


Be sure to let us know your thoughts wherever we are social.

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Episode 176: Retro… Classified… and A Tale Of Two Ninja

• July 22nd, 2020

Is that title for real?! You betcha! It's an episode so jam-packed, we needed to call in backup! We share some VERY candid responses to the recently unveiled GI Joe "Retro" Collection; our pal Jake is back to do a live unboxing of a Classified Series 6" figure; and Corbra Lang joins us to discuss the most incredible new ninja slasher flick you're likely to see in 2020! A Tale Of Two Ninja is now available to watch on the GI Joburg Special Forces platform here!


If it's the BL^CK BOOK you're looking for, reach out to Cujo here: cujo86@gmail.com

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Episode 175: Storm Shadow And eBay

• July 6th, 2020

Rob, Paul and Steve swap their favourite online purchase war stories. And we discuss the new 6" Joe reveals. Is Storm Shadow best portrayed as a bad guy, good guy, or something in between? Whatever way you play him, the best transport you could possibly arrange for him is the exclusive GI Joburg fanny pack... I mean MOON BAG! Check it out here!

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