Episode 140: Blood In The Water with Alastair

• May 22nd, 2019

Hot on the heels of Recondo's fight for survival on YouTube in "Blood In The Water", we recorded this pod to reflect on behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Steve and Rob's childhood friend, Alastair joins the fray (he's the reason we have a concluding chapter to begin with!).

In the second half, the gang discuss new toys they got in, with an unexpected debate on who is the best Slaughter's Renegade!

And if you'd like to help a fellow Joe content-creator realize a dream, check out JoeMotionVideo's GoFundMe. He wants to make an appearance at JoeFest this year but needs our help. And take it from us, attending a convention on our favourite toyline is a profound experience. So if you are in a position to help a fellow Joe-Bro, click the link below!


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Eco Warriors with JD

• April 29th, 2019

What?! No Avengers episode?! Thanos may have wanted to save the universe by snapping half of us out of existence... but there is another way! Join us as we offer sincere appreciation of GI Joe's Eco Warrior toys. And a bathtub squeezy toy named Finback...

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Episode 138: Awkward Weapons

• April 6th, 2019

We're back! Spread around all corners of the globe, GI Joburg is here with the scoop on their most notorious awkward weapons! We also climb into a discussion of the definitive Road Pig and upcoming conventions. 


And if you're looking to pick up some exclusive GI Joburg shirts and paraphernalia, we have a Teespring and Redbubble account! Check us out here:



 And for those super sweet Brian Miller Rattler and Skystriker posters at a great discount, here’s the link!



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Episode 137: The USS Flagg Leaves Dry Dock

• March 17th, 2019

So GI Joburg finally made good on their threats to put the Flagg to sea. Check out our Blazing Sand series and then give this ep a whirl for the inside scoop!


Part I



Part II



Part III



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Episode 136: The Ultimate ’90s Card Art Battle

• February 28th, 2019

So the less celebrated decade of the vintage Real America Hero toyline gets some love in this episode as we look at 12 (or so...) card artworks, comparing them side by side and voting for an overall favourite pick. We took to Twitter and Facebook to gather listener favourites, put ALL of them into a box and drew them. We even recorded it and popped it onto YouTube here!

Cowabunga dudes!


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Long Beach Filecards 2019

• February 24th, 2019

Cujo presents a series of engrossing interviews recorded at the recent Long Beach Comic Convention. The topic? GI Joe, of course! 

Featuring the tracks of:

NEVAEH / we're through
HAVET / warmth
NIGHT NOTE / Somewhere in orbit
FLEECE / whatcanido
Gravitation /Space Chill
HALOED / The Imaginal
OneAmbient4 / Utopia
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Episode 135: The Best of 2018

• January 21st, 2019

What an incredible year! 2018! Awesome guests on the show; the expansion of the YouTube channel; the SUCCESSFUL GoFundMe campaign; JOECON (!!!); new friends; new toys; and finally a Jinx to Steve's Falcon. It's a bumper episode of enthusiastic boys and their beloved hobby. Hope you enjoy listening to the fun as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Track Featured in Cujo's Filecard insert:
Chronopolis by Ivan Black
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Episode 134: Xmas Special 2018

• December 22nd, 2018

It Christmas time again! Rob, Paul and Steve chat about the issue that plagues all collectors around this time of year - making space for new toys! Steve calls it "downsizing"... Paul prefers to just call it "collecting goals". Whatever you call it, it's time we had "the talk"! We also weigh in on the Snake Eyes film, and cap things off with some festive fun!


HO HO HO Everybody, Merry Christmas!

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Episode 133: Definitive Cobra La

• December 7th, 2018

It was the podcast that almost never happened... three times (at least). Maybe we should have taken the hint... But we defied fate and the powers that be to bring you a discussion of the greatest controversy classic GI Joe: ARAH ever produced: Cobra La (lalalalalalalalalala!).


We talk the three-pack, weird historical coincidences, and our VERY varied reception of this animation milestone. Plus a little much needed reflection and thanks-giving for the epic year that was 2018.


Yo Joburg everybody!

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GI Joburg Episode 132: WORDBURGLAR

• November 14th, 2018

What, the episode title wasn't enough? We chat to the one and only Rap Viper in this episode about his new album, Rhyme Your Business. Of course the usual toy nostalgia trip ensues as we get down to what makes the premier GI Joe lyricist tick. 


Like the tunes? Head over to https://propsdept.bandcamp.com/ and check out Wordburglar's albums! 

In this podcast we feature:

Input Blitz feat. Mega Ran (prod. by MisterE, cuts by DJ Irate);

Wrong Ralph Pulaski [Cobrapocalypse Pt. 1] (prod. by Timbuktu, cuts by DJ Irate);

and of course,

Rap-Viper - Wordburglar (prod. by MisterE) 


And if you want a good cause to support this festive, check out Half The Battle's charity drive at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvNvIaC99-I


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