Episode 161: BATTLE FORCE 2020

• January 14th, 2020

First episode of 2020! The squad assembles to hi-light the year that was, and then cast their minds forward to imagine the tech that could be employed in the GI Joe and Cobra vehicles OF THE FUTURE.

There are new toys to discuss, and new plans to be teased at, and we’d be delighted if you joined the fun by dropping a comment on the Podbean episode thread... Cujo has great plans to run it better than Joe Rogan’s...

Oh yeah, and GI JOBURG is now on Patreon. Better late than never, ey? We welcome your support if you wish to give it! Click here to see how you can help GI JOBURG!


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Episode 160: GI JOBURG webseries chat with Troy Smith

• December 26th, 2019

Yo Joes! Steve and Troy sit down to have a creator chat about their latest YouTube adventures.

Check out Troy’s excellent content using this playlist link,

And you can see what Steve’s been up to here!

Required viewing for this podcast so snap to it soldier! 

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Episode 159: The 12 Joes of Xmas

• December 14th, 2019

Season’s Greetings from the Joburg crew! On our festive episode the boys count down their 12 favourite independent content creators; address the “other franchise” (Star Wars); and share some of their most cherished Christmas toy memories. Grab a cider and a mince pie and tuck in with us!


Also, if you’re wanting to buy in to Action Force by Valaverse, it’s not too late! The Kickstarter may be successfully funded but you can still buy the toys! And what’s more, stretch goals are still there for the unlocking! Head here to see how you can get in on the ACTION!  


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Episode 158: The Transformers

• December 5th, 2019

Steve turned 35 and so did everybody’s favourite transforming robots! The boys discuss the bots that also rocked their world alongside Joe and also give a rundown on their biggest cases of buyers remorse...

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Bonus Episode!

• November 24th, 2019

Watch out everybody, it’s JOBURG: UNCUT! We were supposed to put out a show, one of our members was a no-show... but we got to talking anyway and this is the result!



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Episode 157: Real South African Heroes

• November 10th, 2019

Viva AmaBokke Bokke, VIVA! The REAL O.G. Green Team! Please excuse the South Africans for beating their drum a little on this one. Last weekend our national rugby team, the Springboks, were crowned world champions in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. This would mark our third victory since being allowed back into international tournaments after the lifting of a sports boycott in 1995. And we are overjoyed to be lifting that trophy again. In honour of sporting achievements, we chat about Joes and Cobra’s with unique sports interests.

But in case you were worried that sports fever had the slightest possibility of taking over the nerdy Joburg boys, fear not! We delve into a discussion of our definitive versions of Psyche-Out; an exposé on our favourite GI Joe and Cobra linguists; some Joevember art appreciation; and speculation on the origin of the Baroness’ file name! It’s a mixed bag filled with enthusiastic Joe goodness!

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Episode 156: Cobra Night Landing

• October 30th, 2019

Just in time for your Halloween celebrations, GI Joburg assembles a four man team to embark on a perilous mission using only a small rubber raft and four accessories.

The shovel.

The machine gun.

The radio.

The knife.

Can they survive their ordeal?


Plus: Hong Kong protest on-the-scene reporting courtesy of Steve, an evaluation of which Shockwave is superior - Night Force or regular; and a discussion of some of the finer Joe works this Inktober.





And if you're looking to track down a copy of BL^CK BOOK, here's where the journey begins...


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Episode 155: ‘85? ‘83? ‘88?! Which Is The Best Year Of Joe?!

• October 7th, 2019

Totally stole this idea off StarJoes... But if you were forced to select one year's Joe figures, one year's Cobra figures, one year's Joe vehicles, and one year's Cobra vehicles WITHOUT doubling up on any particular year - which do you pick?! And can you anticipate your fellow Joburger's choices? Some found it easier than others...


We also weigh in on HasLab's successful Unicron crowdfunding initiative and the very recent blockbuster, JOKER.


It's just short of two hours of shenanigans with the full Joburg squad.  Enjoy!

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Episode 154: Shifters with Alastair and Rob

• September 27th, 2019

A number of times during this GI Joburg adventure, Steve's dropped hints about "Shifters" - a plotline that involved GI Joe characters... but quickly evolved into something far more. For a brief time, it was the best fun he had with his action figures. Quite possibly the best time he ever had with his two best childhood friends.

It was unlike anything to come before, unlike anything that came after. It was a fantastical time. And in this episode he takes childhood friends Alastair and Robert along for a nostalgia ride unlike any other. Join us as we span realities and enter the world of THE SHIFTERS.

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Episode 153: Clairvoyance with Troy Smith

• September 23rd, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the first entry in our GI Joburg Special Forces portal: "Clairvoyance"! Written, shot, edited and uploaded to YouTube by our ally, Troy Smith, it chronicles the events taking place after the Blazing Sand series and introduces slew of new characters for both GI Joe and Cobra. 


*WARNING* This podcast is best consumed AFTER checking out the film. And trust us on this one, you're going to want to! Here's the link to the episode:




And if you're looking for some of the coolest GI Joe apparel out there, look no further than the GI Joburg Teespring store! Wooooo!



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