Bonus Feature! Flags and Corps Tattoos and Real American Heroes

• August 5th, 2020

Special bonus discussion featuring toy heavyweights Strydent and Full Force! Cujo peels back the layers of importance associated with national flags and what it means to collect GI Joe in an age where national pride can sometimes be a dirty term. 


We're calling it: "The State of the Joe Address". 


Be sure to let us know your thoughts wherever we are social.

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Episode 176: Retro… Classified… and A Tale Of Two Ninja

• July 22nd, 2020

Is that title for real?! You betcha! It's an episode so jam-packed, we needed to call in backup! We share some VERY candid responses to the recently unveiled GI Joe "Retro" Collection; our pal Jake is back to do a live unboxing of a Classified Series 6" figure; and Corbra Lang joins us to discuss the most incredible new ninja slasher flick you're likely to see in 2020! A Tale Of Two Ninja is now available to watch on the GI Joburg Special Forces platform here!


If it's the BL^CK BOOK you're looking for, reach out to Cujo here:

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Episode 175: Storm Shadow And eBay

• July 6th, 2020

Rob, Paul and Steve swap their favourite online purchase war stories. And we discuss the new 6" Joe reveals. Is Storm Shadow best portrayed as a bad guy, good guy, or something in between? Whatever way you play him, the best transport you could possibly arrange for him is the exclusive GI Joburg fanny pack... I mean MOON BAG! Check it out here!

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Episode 174: Joe Web 2.0

• June 23rd, 2020

Rob, Paul, Steve and Cujo introduce new friend Jake to the pod as they dive into the new official GI Joe website. We talk GI Joe Classified; we talk Retro Collection rumors and hopes. We even talk murder hornets. What does 2020 yet have in store? Find out in Joburg 174.


Link to Hasbro's new baby here!

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Episode 173: Cold Armor

• June 11th, 2020

The boys step out of the airlock with the creator of the latest GI Joburg Special Forces mission, Dustin Kordish, to discuss Cobra in space! 


If you have not seen "Cold Armor", hit this YouTube link IMMEDIATELY! Then rush back here for the creator interview. 


And if you like Dustin's style, be sure to check out his channel here!

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Episode 172: Raging Storm

• May 26th, 2020

In our 172nd outing we welcome Corbra Lang to the playmotion/stopmotion fold! After the release of his epic showdown "RAGING STORM" on the GI JOBURG YouTube channel, and on the eve of releasing the even more epic "SNAKEBITE" film this coming weekend (05/30/2020), we wanted to get the scoop from the creator of these awesome adventures. Using a mix of techniques including green screen, stop motion, and even a talking pet animation mobile application (!!!) this Canadian fella is one of the pioneers of this new way of playing with your toys.


Dare I say a new artform?


I dare! 


Plus Steve's got a new toy, we sink our teeth into the recent artwork reveals surrounding the 6" Joe, and address a terrific listener question we missed from last ep.

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Episode 171: 20 Questions With GI Joburg

• May 13th, 2020

We took to the socials for questions YOU wanted answers to and we are overjoyed to publish the results in our 171st session! Thanks to everyone who took part, and if we missed you this round, we'll be sure to do this again because





Find out which figures would have been enhanced by including an exotic pet; get GI Joburg's opinion on the Retro Collection; GI Joe in the cinema; and some very honest opinions on trees and "Durban Poison"...



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Episode 170: The Secret Machine

• May 4th, 2020

Steve chats to Troy, creator of the Clairvoyance trilogy; and Cody, creator of The Secret Machine. Great insights into these epic playmotion adventures and shenanigans ensue! Don't know what I'm talking about? Click the links below to hop over to the GI Joburg YouTube channel and check these incredible videos out! 


Can You See


The Secret Machine

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Episode 169: Garrido, The Pyramid of Darkness, 6″ Joes… And JD Onesi

• April 27th, 2020

169 is filled to the brim! So much so, we invited JD Onesi from the General Geekery podcast to help lift the load. We pay our respects to the late master, Hector Garrido, packaging artist for the initial toys and one of the key men instrumental in making GI Joe the most enduring toyline of all time. We get JD's honest opinion on the 6" line of Joes. And we reopen a debate that has raged previously on the pod: is the Pyramid of Darkness junk or gem?!

Selected episodes of the classic Joe cartoon are currently available FREE on Hasbro's YouTube account. So relive the adventure with us!

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Episode 168: Desert Fox Strike

• April 13th, 2020

Deep within lockdown, three operatives come together to spin a tale of intrigue, peril, and action involving Dusty, Shockwave, Hit & Run... and the coolest six-wheel drive in GI Joe.


Plus the usual shenanigans by the lot who refuse to put down their playthings.


It's a world gone mad.


It's GI Joburg 168.


And we cannot be stopped!

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